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Sunday's Service

Every Sunday, across the world, Christians share an agreed three year cycle of Bible Readings in Sunday worship, this is called the Common Lectionary. We offer materials including prayers bible study and worship resources for each one of these Sunday's via our Lectionary Bible Notes Section.

Mothers LoveMarch 31 - Fourth Sunday of Lent

What kind of picture do you hav e of God in your mind's eyc? Is he a powerful God who sites like a judge waiting to pass sentence, it is easier to think of God as male when this is the image we have. If God was thought of as a mother it might be that she would be more reasonable and forgiving. This is Mothering Sunday in the UK and lots of churches will be thinking of God as being more than we can contain within the parameters of one gender. The parable of the prodigal son however would have been quite shocking when Jesus told it because it showed the father behiaving in ways which were most unbecoming of a traditional father. Running down the road to greet an erranat son who had blown the family fortune on parties and prostitutes was not the done thing. There we have it however, the forgiveness of God is like our forgiveness, it is irrational and defies the limits which we would place on our own capacity to forgive. God's ways are not like our ways, his capacity for forgiveness is immeasurably greater that we can comprehend, greater even that a mother's love and we all know how much mother's are willing to forgive of their children.

Now there is rejoicing in heaven; for you were lost, and are found; you were dead, and are now alive in Christ Jesus our Lord. Abide in peace. The Lord has put away all your sins.

- Book of Common Prayer

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Each morning and each evening
let the peace of the Father, be ours.
Each day and each night
let the peace of the Son be ours.
Each dawn and each dusk
let the peace of the Spirit be ours.
Let the blessing of the three in one be ours;
both now and for ever. Amen.
Carmina Gadelica


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